iTools Crack + Key Free Download Latest [2022]

iTools Crack + License Key Free Full Download Latest [2022]

iTools Crack

iTools Crack is a powerful PC software that comes on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Allows you to manage data in devices. You can transfer music, videos, and photos between your iDevice and computer with this software application. iTools is designed to preserve iOS devices like iPhone and iPod by transferring files and installing new apps. A new version of it that supports Mac OS has even been introduced. iTools for Windows is a better alternative to iTunes that does not require any account to transfer music, apps, videos, etc. iOS devices from your computer. On the other hand, iTunes needs it and many other features. They can simply become custom and express themselves for choices. It is permissible and relaxed to adapt. FL Studio Crack is the best music development and production software, also called Fruity Loops.

iTools License Key is a powerful utility for Mac iOS and Windows. It offers you the best data management solution. It supports iPad, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch without jailbreak or iTunes. iTools is the best iTunes alternative. This software gives you a much better experience than iTunes. It has been developed with more advanced and modern features. It is popular among all ages. This program was developed in 2002. It was known as MobileMe before 2008, then its name was changed to iTools. It is compatible with almost all versions available for Apple and Windows devices. The best thing about iTools is that it is constantly and regularly updated to work better with the latest version released by Apple Inc.

iTools Key is a small program that provides the possibility of such an interface that organizes your iOS devices through your Windows PC. It’s a fast and lively app at its end that completes a massive 90% action with just one click. That is why, with the help of this software, everything can be accessed in an easy way. It features a one-time press technology that allows you to tackle things in no time. This application contains many useful options. Moreover, download iTools with smooth and collaborative interface with instant navigation controls. Its interface is also quite reliable to use and simple.

iTools License Key [Lifetime] Download:

iTools Crack is for those who are looking for an iOS tools monitor for Windows or Mac. They also want third-party iPhone managers with useful features. Moreover, besides the main functions, it has a few different cool features that can help many clients. For example, main battery to test battery status, video converter, HEIC to JPG converter, etc. Screen mirroring, phone erasing, etc. Here are some of the different functions that you can try while using it. iTools user interface looks good. In addition, its latest features of not requiring more hard disk space and using less CPU power makes it stand out.

The characteristics of the new company are presented later in this article. Some of its features are listed here for a look at the overall layout. This iTools Activation Code store can access the entire file system of your iDevice. You can access it from your computer. With this state-of-the-art software, you can also organize your media library. You can even sync music, photos, or videos. You can even manage your apps. If you wish, you can delete them or create backup copies. Apart from these features, users may come across some other interesting elements. This software is for editing and managing content. The user interface looks modern and easy. 

It also allows you to receive all your photos as well as organize your apps. iTools Serial Number is the best application for managing all types of iOS devices. It can also host iBook, media, photos, and all other documents on your iOS devices. This tool can help you open, create, backup, download and uninstall your files and apps. Therefore, it displays the status of the starting voltages and serial numbers. This tool is great to use. Organizes all media equivalents to photos, videos, PDF recordings, podcasts, and text-based content documents. Effectively and creatively with it.

iTools Crack Free Download:

iTools License Key is a powerful app and tool for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users. Manage and organize the data on your devices. Moreover, it is 100% perfect and perfect for Windows or MAC, although it does not need to be installed on your computer, it does not contain any ads or plugins. iTools is powerful, it can easily manage media, iBooks, photos and other files in iDevices; It can help you install, uninstall and backup your apps; It can also backup and restore your folders. This tool can help you manage your files in i devices like Windows. Above all, it is the best tool for faster backup and management, as well as updating the operating system.

She is very smart and efficient. This system also performs a file program search for iPad, iPhone and iPod through this program. iTools is a window based application. Manage all these tools on MS Windows and Mac. It is a lightweight that extends to the low resources of personal computers. A typical command of this group of modern applications allows you to set up your own media library. The download can be managed by all kinds of users from PC. It is easy to use and saves time. You will have no problem using this tool. It will help you if you have any device in your computer if not then it will give you a unique tool to download it online.

Thanks to this practice, you do not need any prerequisite to contract with another app. This is served to you via the same tool. As in the thematic single application, you will need several additional meanings that work very well. For now, the idea is that the device’s headphones are customized for free. All future workers can get it effortlessly. If you are hungry, you can delete them or create thefts. Besides these landscapes, there are other gears that workers can encounter. This program is intended for deletion and processing of content. Complete Bang Spaces + Mackintosh to bounce back fully. Sorry, these software suggestions were previously available on iTunes. Then, you see that some people find iTunes complicated.

iTools Free Download Cracked Version:

As I mentioned above, iTools Key is a great alternative to the standard iTunes. iTools is just similar to iTunes in that both programs are designed to do the same thing and manage files on your ID device. With the tools, you can easily manage your photos, videos, audio, documents and all other media files in your device. All you have to do is download iTools on your Mac or Windows PC, connect it to your iDevice and manage your files as you wish. Losing this app is brutal. Photos can take a while, and if you have multiple apps, you’ll have to wait longer to access them all. The advanced features are Ringtone Maker, iTunes access and app management.

One for tool programs, the second for media data files, and the last for some other resources. The module allows you to embed and configure a number of applications in IPA or PXL file format. Set custom tags for each program. The second area is for media files that you simply want to enhance through your computer, be it songs, ringtones, or wallpapers. iTools Cracked includes a ringtone maker, which allows you to select a song file and produce your own ringtones with just a few mouse clicks. iTools is a powerful application and tool for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users. It lets you import all your photos and manage your apps.

iTools Free Key allows you to manage and customize exclusive ringtones. Increases your options to turn your favorite songs into ringtones. If you are bored with default ringtones, use iTools Ringtone Maker feature and enjoy your favorite ringtones. The app gives you the option to create backups and restore your important data to your Apple devices. You can create all backups of your iPhone content.  iTools allows you to create ringtones placed on your computer. The application management feature allows you to view and modify your applications. With iTools, you can access all your iTunes backup files, giving you access to your old data and media.

iTools Full Version Free Download:

iTools key is well designed and simple, allowing you to view your local computer library, as well as device data. Once you connect your device, you can see your media files, photos, iBooks, and any other records on it. iTools can help you manage your documents on Apple devices just like Windows Home Document Explorer. The second section is about the media files that you want to import from your computer, whether they are songs, ringtones, or wallpapers. In addition, iTools emphasizes a ringtone maker, allowing you to choose an audio file and create ringtones with just a few clicks.  It is easy to use, as are the various iPhone management tools.

In addition, this software allows you to manage your media collection and sync music, videos, and photos with your Apple devices. With the iTools full version Cracked application setup, managing your Apple device is nothing more than a breeze. In general, it also allows you to uninstall or back up your apps in one click and check what improvements can be obtained. iTools is specially created for all iPhone users. You can get this app as in trial version for free. If you are an iPhone owner, you’d better get this app on your device.  It works perfectly on almost all iPod, iPhone and iPad devices.

A platform for multimedia systems. This is an answer for Apple devices. It can access Apple devices and computers. Contributes to media exposure. Helps manage the application. It is the computer code used for media distribution event in Apple devices such as iPhone, iPhone windows and iPad. This is a store full of informative offers. This is a library that provides the ability to download music, ringtones, and movies related to nursing. A small computer icon that offers the possibility of such an interface that organizes your iOS devices through your Windows PC. It’s a fast and lively app on its end that completes an action of over 90%.

ITools Key Features:

  • Transfer media data files easily in two ways.
  • iTools Quickly export product images to your gadget.
  • Organize and save your unique ringtones as well as other song documents.
  • It helps to backup as well as restore your information very quickly.
  • Helps organize and sort icons.
  • Manage all your media files, such as contacts, songs, messages, as well as iBooks.
  • Let you understand the complete battery information
  • Align icons with one click.
  • Restore old multimedia documents.
  • Quick and easy access to program materials.
  • Tidy and Super User Program
  • iTools Generator helps on different versions of iDevices.
  • You can simply click here.
  • All features are well organized and well organized.
  • Complete management of all programs.
  • The application allows you to submit texts from your computer.
  • It can be used in place of iTunes.
  • iTunes can be a company full of multimedia content.
  • You will play and transfer songs and videos.
  • This look is on hand by Apple Inc.
  • iTunes acts as a library for its users and provides the ability to download music, ringtones, and movies.
  • You will access it from your computer.
  • This contemporary software also allows you to organize your multimedia library.
  • You can even set music, photos, or videos.
  • You will even manage your apps.
  • You can delete them or make backup copies.
  • There are various striking things that users may come back to.
  • The fully iTools helps you transfer music from iDevices to PC.
  • iTools Crack also helps you transfer photos between iDevices and PC.
  • It allows you to manage your media from your computer.
  • It also helps you to install or uninstall apps on your iDevice.
  • This application helps you to backup iPhone and iPad data to computer.
  • It allows you to recover or extract this data on your iDevice.
  • The program helps you transfer any type of file without the risk of data loss.
  • It comes with powerful tools to protect your data.
  • Moreover, iTools has the ability to detect crash logs and error logs.
  • It also helps you to delete these files to avoid any problem.
  • This application is compatible with Windows and Mac.
  • It supports all iPhone, iPad and iOS 12 devices.
  • iTools Icon Manager offers to manage your iPhone icons through your PC or Mac.
  • Moreover, it offers Battery Master which shows every detail of your iDevice battery.
  • Also, it comes with Ringtone Maker to create custom ringtones for iDevices.
  • This application helps you to share your iPhone screen among your friends and partners.

iTools Crack Advance Features:

User-friendly interface:

iTools is designed with a user-friendly interface, featuring simple and quick navigation controls. 90% of tasks require one click to finish operations

Media Manager:

It can manage all kinds of media like photos, videos, audios, text documents, PDFs, movies, podcasts, iTunes music, etc.

For iPhone, iPad and iPod: 

It is compatible with iDevices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

4 Tools Backup and Restore Function:

The backup and restore tool allows you to backup and restore iPhone, iPod and iPod touch data.

iTools 4 AirPlayer: 

Play games, watch videos, browse the web, edit or view documents, and preview photos on your iPhone, iPad or iPod via your Windows PC or Mac with iTools AirPlayer. You can share your iPhone screen among your partners when you are in a meeting or with friends if you are in a group.

Photo Tool: 

You can preview photos at the original photo resolution, and you can also share photos between Mac and Windows PC, even between multiple iDevices.

Battery Master:

iTools Battery Master guides you about the battery with the following details. Battery condition, battery manufacturer, fully charged cycles, design capacity, cycling voltage, amperage, actual capacity, battery temperature, SN of the battery, current voltage.

Data Migration:

If you need to share data from your old iDevices with the new device, data migration tool is best. You can migrate photos, videos, audios, text documents, podcasts, PDFs, etc.

Ringtone Maker:

Ringtone maker allows you to create a ringtone even with your recordings as original mobile ringtones.

File Manager: 

File Manager is the tool that manages all the files and folders on your iDevice. You can add, delete, modify and copy any file or folder with this file management tool. It allows you to use the drag and drop functionality to delete and place data between your computer and devices.

Icon Organizer:

Icon Organizer helps you manage icons on your iPhone, iPad or iPod screen.

What’s New In iTools Latest Version Crack:

  • Moreover, the tool easily converts MP3 formats to M4R and empty your phone from trash.
  • Video files can also be converted to MP4.
  • It can also be shared between devices.
  • Users who are interested in new apps find it interesting that this app is more PC friendly than iDevice Manager.
  • Also, there are no ads or plugins in this app.
  • In other words, it will be easy with this iPhone manager. Or not.
  • Then, it uses a one-click technology that lets you tackle things in minutes.
  • Plus it’s perfect for iBooks.
  • iTools is the latest version of the iPhone management tool, iTools. iTools has great features like multiple file sharing, latest iOS 14 compatibility, and latest iPhone compatibility including iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. You can download iTools for free on any Mac or Windows device. All you have to do is download the iTools installer and follow the instructions to complete the installation process.

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  • easy to understand
  • I don’t want my Apple ID to sync data
  • iTools helps manage iPhone, manage iPad, manage iPod
  • Uninstall apps with one click
  • iOS Firmware Upgrade
  • Save time with iTools
  • iTools works with both jailbroken and non-jailbroken iPhone
  • iTools is a lightweight program
  • Available for every Mac and Windows PC


  • You already recognize the flaws.
  • The first is that Apple’s driving force has caused errors, and the second is some incompatibilities with antivirus software.

itools key:

  • 4865E-F200Q-SQU6R-YC201-S6PG1

itools license key:

  • 070C-QNVL0-VPT0J-JXQ1Y-T8J3G

itools serial key:

  • TL6SV-20Q98-HN06E-YCN6S-7215S

System Requirements:

  • Windows (32 bit & 64 bit) 8.1/ 8/ 7/11/10/ Vista
  • MAC: Mac- OS X 10.8 and above
  • CPU: Intel, 750MHz AMD,
  • Space: 50MB
  • Memory: 512 MB or above.

How To Install And Use iTools Crack?

  • First, download from the hyperlinks below
  • Install the trial version of iTools.
  • The next step is to get the cracked file from the button below
  • Unbox and turn it on
  • Click the button to activate the whole process
  • Click now to activate
  • Finally, have fun

Also check Prism Video Converter is a video file converter for Windows and PC. So this tool is used to convert AVI, mpg, VOB and WMV video


It started as a music player and later evolved into a media platform. ITools Free Download crack is the solution for iDevices users including iPad Touch, iPhone and iPad. All the main features you find on iTunes appear when you download iTools. You will find a similar menu bar position. iTools has many useful functions, especially GPS spoofing, main battery, etc. Overall performance in basic functions is quite decent. Except for some of the drawbacks I mentioned above, this is a useful iPhone manager. You can use it if you want. But, first, install the trial version to get to know it better.

The new alternative iTunes Store also has a menu bar on the left. Notes can be taken and there is a schedule for you. The other feature is that iTools syncs phone data. Farm Master provides you with a report on your farm information. Shows battery capacity, as well as starting voltage and iTools. It’s great to know the latest features of this popular alternative product. You can make changes and get rid of the monotonous life with iTunes. Come on, go for a change.

If you need to share data from your old iDevices with new ones, a data migration tool is the best way to do it. You can migrate photos, videos, audios, text documents, podcasts, PDFs, etc. Over the past data from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your new iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

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