AOMEI Partition Assistant Crack 9.12 + Key [2022]

AOMEI Partition Assistant Crack 9.12 + License Code Free Full Download [2022]

AOMEI Partition Assistant Crack

AOMEI Partition Assistant Crack is the name of a powerful and durable partition manager software for desktops, laptops and servers. Users can take full control of their hard drives, partitions and increase or decrease disk size. Partitioning a hard drive is generally a dangerous process that many users ignore. However, thanks to the program we have prepared for you, there is no risk to your personal data and all activities will be carried out with confidence. Users of home systems or computer servers can easily manage their wallets and make changes. The step-by-step program guide guides users through all activities and enables collaboration with the security department. Now that you are familiar with the program.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Serial Key is specially designed for IT professionals, system administrators, technicians and consultants to serve new revenue streams by providing professional service to their customers. It is a valuable, self-contained toolkit for managing hard disk partitions. It is also available for internal use to manage large distributed groups of computers and servers across multiple sites. Free Download Aomei Partition Assistant. AOMEI Partition Assistant includes all features of AOMEI Partition Assistant and enjoys lifetime free upgrades to each new version. A technician can use one license to register the software on computers and servers for an unlimited number of professional and personal devices.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Keygen Designed for large enterprise environments, Unlimited Edition provides an all-in-one disk partitioning solution and flexible hard disk management. It not only includes all the features of this program, but also gives you the right to install it on all computers in your company, regardless of their location. AOMEI Partition Assistant Technician Edition has more features than the standard edition. It is specially designed for PC users, workstation users, business users and some advanced users who want to pay for the premium product.

Aomei Partition Assistant Key Free Download

Aomei Partition Assistant Crack helps support MBR and GPT disks larger than 16TB. It helps you upgrade your PA standard to PA professional version. AOMEI Partition Assistant Server has the magic features of hard drive partition arrangement for professional server-based environment. This hard disk controller is capable of backing up and restoring software. You can download Windows 10 and 8 to a USB drive or removable disk. As a result, its fair and powerful features are available for both Windows PCs and Servers. Many people like this tool.

Thus, Aomei Partition Assistant License code is an easy-to-use and professional hard drive creation software. It is therefore an all-in-one software. So, it has many different and simple features to make discs exist. You can use this software for work and at home for personal work. Therefore, Aomei Partition Assistant Standard Edition is the best software for your PC. Thus, it is not difficult to install this software. You have all the existing features to partition your hard disk into several parts. Therefore, Aomei Partition Assistant helps you free up disk space. The smart transfer wizard can help you move OS to another hard drive, including SSD and HDD. Therefore, this program helps you complete hard drive cloning. This software is very easy to use and is best for computers.

Aomei partition gives you the option to quickly resize partition without losing data. AOMEI users can take full control of their hard drive and partitions and increase or decrease the size of their drives. Disk partitioning is generally a risky process that many users avoid, and whether the question makes sense or not, there is a risk that the AOMEI partition will not follow the information provided by those working to ensure compliance. Users of home systems or computer servers can loosen their partitions and implement changes. The software’s step-by-step instructions guide users in all their activities and allow them to work with their services in the most secure way possible with an AOMEI Partition Assistant. After learning about this program.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Crack Free Download:

Moreover, it provides partition type identifier, formatting alignment, merging as well as partitioning. The interface is powerful but improved. It also allows to rebuild the MBR. Aomei Partition Assistant License Code transfers data between Logical partition and Master partition. You can change the sort ID of the partition. Delete a partition if you no longer need it and unallocated space will be created once it is deleted. To prevent data loss, it incorporates industry-wide data protection technologies.

AOMEI Partition Assistant provides multiple partition control functions for standard and professional users. Moreover, it offers converting, deleting, copying partition, aligning partition, formatting, moving partition, merging and splitting partition. It also creates a bootable drive. Besides basic disk management, it has the features of converting MBR to GPT and vice versa, and migrating OS from GPT to MBR. You can also download another disk partition program from Piratesfile.

Aomei Partition Assistant Key Mega Edition allows you to manage your data on PC. If you want to split, resize, merge, delete or create partitions on your computer, this is the best tool for you. You can organize your personal data in one section and your videos, photos and songs in another. This program can create a bootable flash drive. Additionally, you can move the OS file to another SSD or HDD. In short, it provides FAT to NTFS file system without losing data. You can also easily recover lost or deleted partitions. With this application you will be able to merge, align, copy or clone any disk. Aomei ensures the security of your personal data.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Crack Full Download Latest:

The free Disport Management software manages partitions on hard drives. You can manage your hard drive and partitions with many powerful features in this application. Makes hard drive partitions an easy task. A number of different operating systems can be created for hard drives that use it. The user can control the entire hard disk, including each partition. Player size can be increased or reduced. This tool splits data easily and efficiently. Optimizing disk usage and protecting your data are its primary goals. You can also control partitions and hard drive using many other features of this software.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Crack is for Windows PC as well as device OS; It is designed to manage servers and partition hard drives of small business affordable. AOMEI Partition Assistant is a great option to come up with resizing and create a more secure partition without a hitch. This is almost certainly one of the most useful app plans to manage your tearing with the right software. AOMEI Partition Assistant can be used on unlimited number of computers within one organization and supports Windows computers as well as Server OS. The interface and instructions are easy to understand. 

AOMEI Partition Assistant contains many new functions, which can fix previous errors properly. OS Migration Wizard allows you to migrate OS to another hard drive including SSD and HDD without reinstalling OS and applications. Even if Windows is not accessible or the system cannot boot, creating a bootable CD can also manage the hard disk. If you have too many partitions and want to merge them, you can use this application to convert MBR disks to GPT-based disks or rebuild MBR (Master Boot Record). This software provides simple yet powerful partitioning tools.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Key Features:

  • Resize and move partition without data loss.
  • Merge adjacent sections into one.
  • Merge unallocated space into a partition.
  • Divide a large section into two or more sections.
  • Allocate free space from section to section.
  • Copy the partition (clone) to the new hard drive.
  • Align partition to improve disk performance and lifespan.
  • Change partition type identifier and change serial number.
  • Linux partition management: create, delete, format, erase, copy, recover Ext2/Ext3 partition, etc.
  • Create more partitions even without unallocated space.
  • Easily delete, format and wipe partition.
  • Convert Primary partition to Logical partition and vice versa.
  • Convert FAT partition to NTFS file system.
  • Change the partition name and drive letter.
  • Hide and verify partition, wipe unallocated space.
  • Set the active partition and view partition properties.
  • Copy (clone) disk without reinstalling Windows and applications.
  • Convert MBR to GPT disk and vice versa.
  • Recreate the MBR to repair or add the boot code.
  • Immediately delete all partitions on the disk.
  • Extended Partition Wizard: Built-in system partition and select any partition.
  • Disc burning wizard: fast CD and sector burning.
  • Partition Copy Wizard: Fast combined partition copy and sector copy.
  • Migrate OS to SSD or HDD: Migrate system to SSD or HDD, support MBR and GPT disks.
  • Partition Recovery Wizard: Easily recover lost or deleted partitions.
  • Create Bootable CD Wizard: Create Windows PE bootable media without installing AIK/WAIK.
  • Windows To Go Creator: Install Windows 10/8 on a USB flash drive or removable disk.
  • Optimized algorithms ensure faster and safer partition movement.
  • Enhanced data protection technology can ensure data security.
  • Flexible and adjustable drag-and-drop interface simplifies complex operations
  • Before applying to hard disk, please preview all partition tasks.
  • It offers the possibility of shutting down the computer once all operations have been completed.
  • Resize and shift tears without shrinking information.
  • Combine the surrounding partition into one.
  • Combine the piece not intended for breakage.
  • A large breaking section in 2 or more
  • Pass free space from one tear to another.
  • Double rupture (cloning) of a new hard drive.
  • Align the rip to increase the overall performance as well as the lifespan of your hard drive.
  • Change the tear type ID and serial number.
  • Apache break handling: produce, delete, format file, clean, duplicate, restore Ext2/Ext3 partition, etc.
  • Produce more partition even without unallocated space.
  • Remove formatting and erase rips very easily.
  • Transform the principal into a rational break and the reverse.
  • Convert FAT rips to NTFS files program.
  • Modify the tear mark as well as the page engine.
  • Hide and check rips, clean unallocated area.
  • Set active rip properties as well as display rip properties.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Crack Advance Features:

  • Resize/Move Partition – Resize partition without losing data.
  • Extend Partition Wizard Extend an NTFS partition without restarting the computer.
  • Allocate Free Space – Reallocate free space from one partition to another.
  • Merge partitions – merge two adjacent partitions into one.
  • Divided Score – Divide a large score into two small parts.
  • Create Partition – Create a new partition to store different data.
  • Delete partition – delete unnecessary and unnecessary partition.
  • Format Partition – Empties all data on the partition.
  • System Migration – Migrate system to SSD (OS to SSD).
  • Disk Copy – clones a disk from one disk to another.
  • Copy Partition – clone partition to other sites.
  • Convert dynamic disk to basic disk – Convert dynamic disk to basic disk without data loss.
  • MBR and GPT Conversion – Convert between MBR disk and GPT disk without data loss.
  • Convert NTFS and FAT32 – Convert NTFS partition to FAT32 without data loss and vice versa.
  • Second Ext2/Ext3 Partition – Create a second Ext2/Ext3 partition on SD cards and USB drives without formatting.
  • Primary and Logical Conversion – Safely convert between Primary partition and Logical partition.
  • Create Bootable Disk – Create Windows PE bootable media without having to install AIK/WAIK.
  • Windows to Go Creator – Install Windows 8 to an external drive or removable flash drive.
  • SSD Secure Erase Wizard – The method of writing data to an SSD is completely different from that of a hard disk drive (HDD).

Whta’s New In AOMEI Partition Assistant Latest Crack?

  • There’s a new addition to the SSD Secure Erase Wizard.
  • It is possible to integrate into the recovery environment.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.
  • AOMEI Partition Assistant Converts system disk between MBR and GPT formats.
  • Windows To Go Creator Install Windows 8 on a removable flash drive for easy removal.
  • Migrate system to SSD and support MBR and GPT disks. Create a Windows PE bootable media file without having to install AIK/WAIK.
  • It fully supports a hard disk with a sector size of 4096 bytes.
  • Cover/display partition
  • Registration confirmation has been added to protect the licensee’s legal right, our system will check the license code information when starting and registering AOMEI Partition Assistant.
  • Large scale partition management
  • Smart Disk and Partition Wizards
  • Poor sector verification
  • Change drive letter
  • Convert GPT/MBR Disk
  • They also improved the similarity of AOMEI Partition Assistant with Windows 10 version 1903 and 1909.
  • Aomei department has improved the function of Win ToGo.
  • They also improved the Resize Partition highlight interface to allocate space more usefully.
  • Poor sector verification
  • Checking Partitions
  • Make it an active section
  • Modify the MBR
  • installation disc
  • Change serial number
  • Change partition type identifier
  • Resize the disc and also convert it without shrinking the information.
  • Include surrounding hard drives as one of them.
  • Include the area that is not on the hard disk.
  • Split a large disk space into 2 or more
  • Separate free hard disk space to additional disk
  • Align your hard drive to increase the efficiency and life of your hard drive.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Crack 1 Extend Partition Professional Edition 4 1 300x185 1


  • Best segmentation platform
  • easy to use
  • Free for all users
  • Safe and secure
  • Comes with new features
  • Excellent segmentation and copy capabilities
  • Creates Windows To Go drives from non-professional versions of Windows


  • slow updates
  • Some users find it complicated
  • It does not support other partition operating systems
  • Main Program Hiding Wizards
  • sometimes confusing language

Aomei Partition Assistant Keygen:


Aomei Partition Assistant Key:

  • AO2A7-983HA-XX4PS-V39W5-ML6DW

Aomei Partition Assistant License Code:

  • T20JJ-C0075-D36G4-9N4WS-S69U9

System requirements:

  • Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 or Server 2003/2008/2012/2016/2019 (32-bit or 64-bit – all editions)
  • 500 MHz processor
  • 256 MB of RAM
  • 120 MB of disk space

How To Download AOMEI Partition Assistant Crack:

  • First, download AOMEI Partition Assistant from the links below.
  • If you are using the old version, uninstall it with IObit Uninstaller Pro
  • After downloading, install the program normally.
  • AOMEI Partition Assistant After installation, launch the program.
  • Copy the crack and paste into C/Program Files/AOMEI Partition Wizard.
  • Now run Keygen, get serial key and register AOMEI 9.0 Partition Assistant.
  • Use any email and name.
  • You did it. Now enjoy the full version.

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Many people prefer to use a standalone Disk Management utility instead of Windows Disk Manager to resize and move partitions, format disks, and perform other important tasks. Until recently, most of these tools were premium software, but Home Edition is a free and comprehensive disk management tool that can be used commercially, which is great news for home users. and small businesses.

It can create, convert, hide, format, delete, erase, resize, copy, split, merge and move partitions, including modifying existing partitions without data loss or corruption, on hard drives, flash drives and similar storage devices. It runs on Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7, in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Aomei Partition Assistant Crack Home Edition seems to be the most powerful free disk partitioning tool we’ve tried. It is highly recommended for all users, especially those with multi-disk systems.

Partition Assistant’s blue tones, linear disk capacity displays, and toolbar make it a perfect fit for Office and similar suites, and the left navigation panel and comprehensive menus not only showcase program features , but make them easy to access. Partition Assistant displayed three physical disks in our system (SSD, HDD, and USB) along with the partitions for each disk. We chose an empty partition of about 140 GB on our 2.5-inch hard drive and started by changing the drive letter and label, going through the various format options, resizing and partitioning.

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